My name is Christopher Artinian, and I write post-apocalyptic,  dystopian, and horror fiction. I’ve released thirty books in the best-selling and award-winning Safe Haven and The End of Everything series, three books in the Relentless series and six books, so far, in my new apocalyptic/dystopian series, The Burning Tree. A standalone horror novel, Night of the Demons, is also available.

In addition,  my titles are also available as audiobooks narrated by Broadway and West End veteran actress, Kim Bretton . So, if you’re one of the many people who struggle to find the time to read, you can listen on the go.

You’ll be able to find lots of info on this site, including links to my releases, the latest news and all of my special offers and merchandise.



The audiobooks are available through Audible, Amazon and iTunes. I am lucky to be working with the incredibly gifted Broadway and West End actress, Kim Bretton, on these projects. 

We've just released The Burning Tree box set. It's packed with almost 45 hours of post-apocalyptic mayhem. Get your copy now!