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  1. I’m delighted to announce that the audiobook of The Burning Tree: Book 7 – Power (Part 2) is now available.
    The day of judgement has arrived.
    Chaos and devastation reign once more, but this time, they are wielded by a single man with just one goal—power.
    To gain it, he will do whatever it takes, no matter the cost.
    For the citizens of Redemption there are only two options, submit or die.
    The choice is an easy one for most, but some will not get to make it. Some will be struck down even before the first bullets are fired.
    This is the end that has been a long time in coming. With fear, sadness and pain in their hearts, Callie, Drake and the others must face it together.
    Who’ll win?
    They're about to find out.
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  2. I’m excited to tell you that The End of Everything 14 is now live on Amazon.



    Sometimes, formidable challenges can seem impossible.


    Sometimes, you can forget what you’ve done and what you’re capable of.


    Sometimes, doubt can attack you like a virus and leave you questioning your worth.




    And then sometimes, when things seem like they can’t get any worse, you find yourself. You find the person, the friend, the sister, the warrior you know you can be.


    Sometimes, when things seem their bleakest, you find strength you didn’t even know you possessed.


    For Wren, Robyn and Mila, sometimes might just be today.




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