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  1. Safe Haven – War Zone is now live on Amazon.


    The Safe Haven refugees hoped that they would find respite in Glasgow. But a devastating chain reaction is in motion, threatening not just their plans but their very existence.

    Chaos flows through the streets like a fast-moving river. The infected run rampant, and to survive, Mike and the others will have to fight like they never have before.

    This is the battle of their lives and survival is everything.

    For some it will be one test too many. For the rest, their futures will be thrown into turmoil.

    Horror and devastation reign. Today, the city has become a war zone. Tomorrow, it could be their graveyard.

     Safe Haven warzone 800

  2. The asteroid almost finished us.


    Billions died. A small handful of survivors braved the perilous wasteland to start again.


    This is what happened next.


    Over 1500 pages or 45 hours of post-apocalyptic storytelling people are calling, “Addictive”, “Thrilling”, “Uplifting”, “Stunning”, “Powerful”, and “Epic.”


    The Burning Tree box set. Written by Christopher Artinian. Narrated by Kim Bretton.


    Available now!


    BT boxset 800