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  1. I am happy to announce that The Burning Tree: Book 2 - Rebirth, is now available.
    They thought escaping the bunker was their biggest challenge. They were wrong.
    With little food and no resources, the fragile union is beginning to strain. But there’s something else too—something lurking in the shadows.
    When the power died, the bunker went black. But it was nothing like the darkness that awaits them now. A new panic is spreading, but this time, few have hope of escaping it.
    This was meant to be a fresh start, a rebirth. Instead, it could be the beginning of the end.
    Will Callie and her friends be among the lucky ones? Or will their newfound freedom be short-lived?
    They’re about to find out.
  2. Couldn’t log into the cloud this morning while the electricians were doing some work in the house. So, rather than twiddle my thumbs, I decided to open a Word document and start work on Safe Haven - Doomsday (pt 2). It was great getting reacquainted with Andy, Trish and co. Fifteen hundred words in and the power came back on, so now I’m back to Neverland (pt 2).
    Don’t forget, at just after midnight, The Burning Tree – Rebirth goes live on Amazon.