2 series, 1 Universe.

Safe Haven and The End of Everything are part of the same universe. If you would like to read both sets of books and stick to the timeline as closely as possible, here is a suggested reading order:

Safe Haven – Rise of the RAMs

Safe Haven - Realm of the Raiders

Safe Haven - Reap of the Righteous

The End of Everything 1-6

Safe Haven - Ice, Vengeance, Is This the End of Everything?

The End of Everything 7- 9

Safe Haven – Neverland (Part 1)

Safe Haven - Doomsday

Safe Haven - Neverland (Part 2)

The End of Everything 10, 11 & 12.

Safe Haven - Raining Blood (Part 1)

Safe Haven - Hope Street

The 4 Before Safe Haven books are prequels that can be read in any order.

Safe Haven: Book 1 - Rise of the RAMS

The planet has succumbed to a monstrous virus. Those who die from the infection return as savage predators hell-bent on spreading the virus to the rest of the human population. The UK and Ireland are the last hold-outs, but when the infrastructure supporting their self-imposed quarantine collapses, it's everyone for themselves.

Mike Fletcher and his sister Emma live in Leeds. With the city’s streets overrun by the dead, their only option is to flee. They take their younger siblings and set off to find their last remaining relative in the far north-west of Scotland.

As they travel north they encounter other survivors – but who can they trust? Their terrifying journey will require them to confront horrors both human and inhuman, in the outside world and within themselves. Will they ever find a safe haven? 

Safe Haven: Book 2 - Realm of the Raiders

A virus has swept across the planet turning people into flesh-craving zombies. The UK and Ireland were the last to fall, but now the virus has won. Cities are infested with the undead. To stay is to die.

Having fled Leeds, Mike Fletcher and his family thought they had found a safe haven in the island village of Candleton. But their peace was fleeting and others want what they have. Now they find themselves in a fresh fight for their lives; battling armies of vicious raiders and fast, relentless zombies. 

Horror and tyranny reign in this new world and a war is looming on the horizon that only the bravest will choose to fight. The time has come to take a stand. The time has come to find a new kind of hero.

Safe Haven: Book 3 - Reap of the Righteous

Civilisation has crumbled in a matter of months. Now, fast-moving zombies and merciless raiders wreak havoc over the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Nowhere is safe. Death and terror lurk in shadow and daylight. The weak will fall, and only the strongest will survive.

Mike Fletcher and his family have battled through this dystopian wilderness to try and find sanctuary in the northwest region of Scotland. They thought they had succeeded. But now, a new horror has found them. 

When the odds are insurmountable...when the fear is uncontrollable...when the pain of loss is unbearable, there are just two choices: fall to your knees or stand taller than you ever have before. 

This war will decide the future. This war will decide everything.

Safe Haven: Book 4 - Ice

They thought their biggest battle had been fought—but the war had not even begun. Months after the defeat of a vicious army that threatened their very existence, a new enemy has come to town.

For Mike and his family, it’s a race against time. With death lurking around every corner, their only hope is to enter a zombie infested city to find the one thing that might save them. They have fought for all they have, but is this one battle too many?

Can they fight their fate one more time? Can they bring back hope for their people? Can they halt the fall of Safe Haven? 
This will be their longest day; will it be their last?

The countdown has begun…

Safe Haven: Book 5 - Vengeance

The residents of Safe Haven had fought the living, the dead and the worst winter in decades. They had earned their time of peace. They had earned their dream of happiness. But now…now it’s all gone to Hell.

For Mike, Emma, Lucy and Wren, their most treacherous journey has just begun. They’ll enter a place darker than night itself and confront an enemy more sinister than any they have ever encountered. What started as a mission to reunite two siblings turns into a fight for survival, a battle of good against evil. 

But who will win? 

For some, the final dawn has broken over Safe Haven. For others, this will be the longest day of their lives. Is this the end of everything, or a new beginning?

Safe Haven: Book 6 - Is This the End of Everything?

It started as a day, just like any other. It ended in a tragedy no one could believe.

An overwhelming enemy force.

A surprise attack.

Now, a darkness has fallen over the land, the likes of which has never been seen before.

Most have fled. Only a handful remain.

For some, this is the longest night they have ever lived. For others, there will be no dawn.

Can Safe Haven survive? Or is this the end of everything?

Safe Haven: Book 7 - Neverland (Part 1)

Still reeling from a battle that left their town in tatters, the residents of Safe Haven believe starting over is going to be the hardest challenge ahead of them. They’re wrong.

Rebuilding their settlement will be painstaking and fraught with danger. It will test their strength and the very bonds that hold them together, but it will be nothing compared to what comes next.

Today, Mike and the others will learn what true evil is. Today is the start of a new era of terror. Today, a war is looming on the horizon with an enemy like no other they have faced.

Only one question remains. Will they see tomorrow?

Safe Haven: Book 8 - Neverland (pt 2)

They were sure a battle was coming. They just didn’t know how bad it would be.

A new dawn has risen on Safe Haven, and it’s the darkest they’ve ever seen.

In a heartbeat, the world they have fought so hard to build has been torn apart. Now, all that remains, is to see if it can be pieced back together.

For some, it’s too late. For the rest, there’s only one option. It’s a fight to the death. Kill or be killed.

Today, fate takes no prisoners. Today is the end of their new beginning. But is it the beginning of the end?

Safe Haven: Doomsday

At first, it seemed like a massive social media-based prank to cause panic on the streets.

Now, fake news has become real news. The dead are rising and attacking the living. They're spreading like a plague infecting every village, town and city.

Most countries have already fallen silent, and today will be the longest day of Andy Beck's life. Will he be able to stave off the reanimation virus from his nation's shores? Can he stop society from descending into anarchy as it has elsewhere?

The planet is in meltdown. The pressure is on. The countdown has begun, and only one thing is for sure...

This is Doomsday.

Before Safe Haven: Lucy

A virus has infected billions all over the world, turning its victims into vicious zombies. The UK and Ireland have remained uninfected...until now.

Lucy Blair is an American doctor stationed at a field hospital outside the quarantined city of Leeds. Each day she hears more rumours circulating about the virus spreading. Each day she plays her part in the vast mechanism that has been constructed by the British government to safeguard the population.

But today, the rumours stopped. Today, the rumours became reality. Now she is in a new kind of Hell as she fights her way through a dangerous city to find a last ray of hope and that one last chance for survival.

Before Safe Haven: Alex

A virus has infected billions all over the world, turning its victims into vicious zombies. The UK and Ireland have remained uninfected...until now.

Alex Munro’s city is put in lockdown as an outbreak of the zombie virus takes hold. Each day the government broadcasts claim a new victory in the fight. Each night more shots are heard as the undead begin to stake their claim to the streets of Leeds. 

What will he do? What can he do? For Alex, family is everything. Survival is everything. Heroes aren’t born. Heroes are made. Today we need a new hero. Today we need Alex.

This is his story. 

Before Safe Haven: Mike

Trapped in a corrupt hellhole with thieves, sadists and killers, Mike didn’t think things could get any worse. He was wrong. When everyone around him opted to do the easy thing, he chose to do the right thing. He chose to stand up.

Several years on, and a new Hell has found him. A virus has infected billions all over the world, turning its victims into vicious zombies. The UK and Ireland have remained uninfected...until now.

Lawlessness threatens to take over the streets as the government does everything it can to keep control. With the city in lockdown and every resource stretched to breaking point, Mike finds himself in familiar territory. 

The stakes could not be higher as Mike has to fight for his family’s very survival. His greatest weapon is the will to do anything for the ones he loves, but will that be enough?

Before Safe Haven: Jules

Jules is just the girl next door. She works hard and likes to party. She’s young, smart, good-looking and the future is hers for the taking … or at least it was.

A zombie plague killing billions has swept over the planet, and she is trapped with a rag-tag group of survivors in an infested city.

She never wanted this responsibility, but everyone is looking to her. Disaster after disaster plunges them into more danger… more chaos.

And now, every day is a fight for survival. Every day a new nightmare awaits them. Every day could be their last.

Finding a safe haven is nothing but a dream, but dreams are all Jules has.

This is the beginning, and the end is nigh.

The End of Everything: Book 1

Two sisters, one nightmare.

The last thing they wanted to do was spend time with each other. Now their very survival depends on it.

Forced from their home and thrown into an apocalyptic horror neither could have imagined, they didn’t think things could get any worse. They were wrong.

As they navigate the city to escape to safety, terror lurks for them on every corner. The reanimating virus has taken away everything they loved, but today, they’re going to start fighting back.

Living or dead, everyone is a threat. The rules have changed and for these two, time is running out. What will they do to survive? What will they do for each other? Is being family reason enough to stay together? Now, they’re about to find out.

The End of Everything: Book 2

For sisters Robyn and Wren, nothing will ever be the same.

The cities are burning, the world is in chaos. The dead are rising...and they're hungry. Safety? Security? These words are meaningless now. They fight, they hide, they run. No rest. No respite.

All they can cling to is hope. Hope they can find others. Hope they can learn the skills needed to survive. Hope they can stay together.

Their situation seems desperate, and the only thing they can depend on is each other.

But is that enough?

The End of Everything: Book 3

Before the worst day of their lives, wild horses could not pull them together. Now, nothing can tear them apart...or so they thought.

A chance meeting, a bad decision, a stormy night; and the fuse is lit to their most explosive 24 hours yet.

When the dead roam the streets; when enemies prowl in the shadows, and when strangers are not all they seem, the only people Wren and Robyn can rely on are each other.

They have fought through hell together, but now, for one of these sisters, today could be the end of everything.

The End of Everything: Book 4

They escaped the cities.

They lived through the storm.

But there are more dark clouds forming on the horizon for Wren and Robyn.

The undead have made escape impossible. Ruthless gangs patrol the highways and danger lurks in the shadows. A new friend, a new settlement and things are looking up, though all is not what it seems. 

In no time at all they find themselves in the worst kind of trouble. Now they have to pick a side. Whose will they choose? 

Safety comes at a price. Is it one they’re willing to pay? 

The End of Everything: Book 5

Since escaping the zombie infested cities, there has been no respite for Robyn and Wren.

Now though, the sisters finally have a chance to start afresh.
But the world has other plans.
They thought they’d reached a safe community. What they’d found was a powder keg with a lit fuse.
Their hardest lessons are only just being taught.
With love comes sacrifice.
With sacrifice comes pain.
With pain comes sadness.
With sadness comes anger.
School’s closed. Today is graduation day, and there’s just one thing left to learn:
With anger comes revenge.

The End of Everything: Book 6

Robyn and Wren have fought the zombie hordes.

They have battled ruthless thugs and lowlifes.

Together they have done the impossible.

But now they are faced with a new horror neither could have imagined.

Stretched to the very limits of their physical and mental endurance, the clock is ticking.

They thought they knew what terror was. They were wrong.

They thought they knew what pain was. They were wrong.

This is a foe like no other. This is a fight like no other. This is a fear like no other.

This is the end of everything.


The End of Everything: Book 7

When the dead came back to life, Robyn thought it was the end of everything. She soon found out it was just the beginning.

The cool kid in school; always looking for fun, never worrying about exams.

In the new world, every day is a test, and if she fails, there are no second chances.

With her sister, she faced the unthinkable.

Alone, she must do the impossible.

One thing is for sure. She’ll find Wren… or die trying.

The End of Everything: Book 8

Together again, but for how long?

A promise kept, another one made, and the ghost of guilt threatens madness.

For Wren, her dream has come true. For Robyn, the fate of a friend will determine her future. Now everything rests on one decision.

Two sisters, a new nightmare. Gangs, armies, the undead hordes, they must face them all to find peace, but at what cost?

They have fought through hell to find each other, but nothing prepared them for this.

Will they get to live happily ever after? Or will this really be the end of everything?

The End of Everything: Book 9

They thought escaping the undead hordes was their ticket to freedom. They couldn't have been more wrong.

Now Wren and Robyn must face a new enemy and a kind of danger like no other they have encountered.

Their success means a chance of survival for everyone they care about. Their failure means the end of everything they have fought for.

For these two sisters time is running out fast and the sun is setting on the longest day of their lives.

Just one question still remains, will they get to see the dawn?

The End of Everything: Book 10

The dark clouds of war are gathering on the horizon and, to win, the citizens of Safe Haven are going to need help.

Fresh from battle with Olsen’s forces, Robyn, Wren and Mila are thrust into a new nightmare.

On a mission to recruit allies, a sequence of events turns the tide against them.

Now, with no supplies, no help and little hope, they must navigate hostile territory in order to survive.

Is this one fight too many? Has their luck finally run out?

Everything comes to an end. But is this the end of everything?


Sal had woken up with no recollection of the night before a few times but never like this … in a forest … alone … confused … scared.

She scoured her surroundings, desperate for some clue as to how she’d ended up here. Fragments of conversations, snapshots of memories were all she could scramble together.

But, suddenly, none of it mattered.

A stranger.

A warning.

And the hunt is on.

Now Sal and her friends are in a battle like no other. Death and terror lurk around every corner. Can they defy the odds and live to fight another day?

Or will they fall like so many before?

Is it all a nightmare or is it for real? One thing is for sure, it’s relentless.

Relentless 2

They were the hottest band in town. Then one night turned their world upside down.

Now the clock is ticking.

Trapped on an island.

Hunted like animals.

Love and friendship are the only things keeping them alive, but for how much longer?

Horror awaits them at every turn. Death lingers in the shadows, and for these six friends, this will be the longest day of their lives.

Will they survive? Will they want to? Some things can’t be forgotten. Some things can’t be undone. Whatever happens to them, one thing’s for sure; today will be relentless.

Relentless 3

Being decent and hardworking means nothing when you can’t escape your past. Now one woman is going to find that out the hard way.

Trapped in a nightmare with her two children. Pursued by spirit-like hunters. Surrounded by dangers she can’t even comprehend. Time is running out.

Forced to work with a man she hates, trust is in short supply. Survival will require a leap of faith, but is that one step too far?

Will her family live to see the morning? Or has their final dawn already broken?

One thing’s for sure, the next few hours will be relentless.

The Burning Tree: Book 1 - Salvation

The bunkers were built for the apocalypse. Just not the one they expected.

Life was bad and getting worse in the depths of Salvation. It did not take the people of Level Three long to realise that the only reason they had been spared from the cataclysm was to become a slave class.

Now, a single accident has changed everything. Fear is spreading like a virus. Rumours become facts the moment they’re spoken. Neighbour is turning against neighbour. And time is running out fast.

For most, this signals the end. For Callie and her friends, there is just one hope, but to find it, they’re going to have to fight through the most terror-filled night of their lives.

Can they escape the horror that awaits them? Or will these next few hours be their last?

The Burning Tree: Book 2 - Rebirth

They thought escaping the bunker was their biggest challenge. They were wrong.

With little food and no resources, the fragile union is beginning to strain. But there’s something else too—something lurking in the shadows.

When the power died, the bunker went black. But it was nothing like the darkness that awaits them now. A new panic is spreading, but this time, few have hope of escaping it.

This was meant to be a fresh start, a rebirth. Instead, it could be the beginning of the end.

Will Callie and her friends be among the lucky ones? Or will their newfound freedom be short-lived?

They’re about to find out.

Anthologies featuring Christopher Artinian short stories.

Treasured Chests

Treasured Chests - A Zombie Anthology. A charity anthology of short Zombie Stories created in aid of the charity Breast Cancer Care (registered Charity in England & Wales 1017658). All royalties (100%) are to be donated to Breast Cancer Care. Treasured Chests is a unique, intelligent and terrifying collection of short Zombie Stories. An eclectic collection of short stories brought to you by the Zombie podcast Good Morning Zompoc, featuring the finest authors in the Zombie and Horror Genres. *Warning Explicit Content* Content : 1.Foreword – By Diane Coughlin 2.Invasion A – By Peter Mckeirnon 3.Run from the Dead – By Marc Moore 4.Adam’s Birthday – By Claire C Riley 5.Not the Main Character – By Devon C Ford 6.A Flash of Light in the Darkness – by Marilyn Peake 7.Scarecrows – By David A. Simpson 8.To Walk the Halls – By Rebecca Besser 9.Last Light – By Christopher Artinian 10.Judgement Day – By Ricky Fleet 11. Wolfe in Dead Clothing – By R.L. Chambers 12.Beginning of the End (Garage Survival) – By T.D. Ricketts 13.Bobbies Boobies – By Grivante 14.Insomnolence – By Valerie Lioudis 15.Concrete Jungle – By M.R. Wallace 16.The Karakyuza – By Kevin J Kennedy 17.Slayer – By Andrew Lennon 18.Zombie Granny – By Steve Higgs 19.Betrayal – By Jaime Johnesee 20.Flesh – By Stuart Keane 21.House of Dead Repute – By Matt Hickman 22.Excuses – Cartoon by Stan Yan

Undead Worlds

21 Authors. 21 Undead worlds. 1 Great Book.
Do you dare?

Tales From Zombie Road

A collection of tales and art set in the Zombie Road World. Some from #1 bestselling authors, some from first timers. All proceeds will be forwarded directly to the Wounded Warriors Project. Authors include: by David A. Simpson  (Author), Ricky Fleet (Author), Rich Restucci  (Author), Tony Urban  (Author), Roma Gray (Author), Christopher Artinian  (Author), R.L. Chambers  (Author), Grivante  (Author), Valerie Lioudris(Author), Michael Peirce  (Author), Ann Riley  (Author), W.J. Watt  (Author), T.D. Ricketts  (Author), Lori Safranek  (Author), Davina Purnell (Author), Phoebe Jackson (Author), Alina Ionescu (Author), Cody Mann (Author), Emily Stiver (Author), Greg Bennett (Author)

Trick or Treat Thrillers. Best Paranormal 2018

Ask Yourself, Is This Mere Fiction?
That’s what 27 writers want you to consider here in this collection of the strange and terrible, the shocking and amazing, the frightening and awe-inspiring. Assembled here for easy perusal are some of the finest tales of ghosts, zombies, witches, cryptozoological freaks, monsters and aliens of the past year.
Lock the doors, latch the windows, draw the shades and dig in.

Authors include: David A. Simpson/Christopher Artinian/Roma Gray and many more