Safe Haven

Safe Haven – Rise of the RAMs was the first book I wrote. It’s the story of one family’s fight to survive after the outbreak of a reanimating virus. Little did I know that six years later, it would still be going strong and has spawned best-selling offshoots on both sides of the Atlantic as well as down under.

Straddling post-apocalyptic, science fiction, horror and action genres, the books are available on audio, Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in paperback. Don’t forget, if you’d like to purchase your very own signed copy with a personal inscription, just hit the shop link at the top of the page.

Safe Haven - Rise of the RAMs

Safe Haven - Realm of the Raiders

Safe Haven - Reap of the Righteous

Safe Haven - Ice

Safe Haven - Vengeance

Safe Haven - Is This the End of Everything?

Safe Haven - Neverland (Part 1)

Safe Haven - Doomsday

Safe Haven - Neverland (Part 2)

Safe Haven - Raining Blood (Pt 1)

Safe Haven - Hope Street

Safe Haven - No Hope in Hell

Safe Haven - War Zone

Before Safe Haven - Lucy

Before Safe Haven - Alex

Before Safe Haven - Mike

Before Safe Haven - Jules

Before Safe Haven - Box Set

Safe Haven - Box Set

The End of Everything

The End of Everything almost came about by accident. When I was writing Safe Haven – Ice, this young, crossbow-wielding Boudicca called Wren appeared on a rooftop in Inverness. I realised very quickly that she was special and needed a story of her own. So was born my most successful series to date. The End of Everything follows Wren and her sister, Robyn, on their journey across a zombie-infested wasteland.

Like its companion series, Safe Haven, The End of Everything spans multiple genres, has won awards, and has had numerous episodes in the saga becoming best-sellers in various Amazon charts.

the End of Everything - Book 1

The End of Everything - Book 2

The End of Everything - Book 3

The End of Everything - Book 4

The End of Everything - Book 5

The End of Everything - Book 6

The End of Everything - Book 7

The End of Everything - Book 8

The End of Everything - Book 9

The End of Everything - Book 10

The End of Everything - Book 11

The End of Everything - Book 12

The End of Everything - Book 13

The End of Everything - Book 14

2 series, 1 Universe.

The End of Everything - Box Set

Safe Haven - Box Set

Before Safe Haven - Box Set

The Burning Tree

The Burning Tree is a post-apocalyptic dystopian series set after an asteroid strikes Earth. It follows the story of a small band of survivors who try to pick up the pieces and start again. Described by readers as “Compelling”, “Gripping”, “Heart-rending”, and “Uplifting”, The Burning Tree box set shot to number one in Audible’s UK PA chart.

The Burning Tree: Book 1


The Burning Tree: Book 2


The Burning Tree: Book 3


The Burning Tree: Book 4


The Burning Tree: Book 5


The Burning Tree: Book 6

Power (Part 1)

The Burning Tree: Book 7

Power (Part 2)

The Burning Tree

Box Set


The Relentless trilogy was as much of a surprise to me as it was to everyone else. I was in the process of writing a Safe Haven book when this small cast of characters came into my head. If memory serves, I wrote over six thousand words on that first day and the Relentless story came to life.

Firmly ensconced in the Survival Horror genre, nobody was more amazed than me when the first book ended up at number one in the British Horror chart.

Relentless: Book 1

Relentless: Book 2

Relentless: Book 3

Night of the Demons

Night of the Demons is a standalone horror book set on a fictional island in the Hebrides. It was loosely based on a film script I wrote several years ago. Readers have called it “Gripping”, “Terrifying”, and “Artinian at his best”.

Night of the Demons