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  1. I’ve had a few people asking me in what order they should read the Safe Haven/Before Safe Haven books. The Before Safe Haven series comprises of standalone prequels and they can be read in any order before or after the Safe Haven series without affecting your understanding of the story.
    There are seven books in total, and this wouldn’t be a bad order to read them in:
    Safe Haven: Rise of the RAMs
    Safe Haven: Realm of the Raiders
    Safe Haven: Reap of the Righteous
    Safe Haven: Ice
    Before Safe Haven: Lucy
    Before Safe Haven: Alex
    Before Safe Haven: Mike

  2. It’s just over a week since the launch of The End of Everything: Book 2. An awful lot has happened, so I thought I’d give you a quick update.

    The book had the best pre-order figures of any of my titles. With pre-orders, the sale contributes to your chart position on the day it is ordered, and not the day the book is released, so I did not anticipate getting a high chart placing. Incredibly, over the course of the opening week, The End of Everything: Book 2 still managed to spend some time at number one in the Young Adult Zombie Chart on The sales for both End of Everything books are going really well, and I was given a further boost this week when the first End of Everything won the coveted Zombie Book of the Month Club award.

    I am putting the finishing touches to the formatting of the Book 2 paperback and I will let everyone know as soon as that is released. The End of Everything: Book 3 will be out this month as well, so there will not be long to wait to find out what the girls get up to next.

    Take care and talk soon,