26th July 2019

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The End of Everything: Book 4 is now available on Kindle. Although The End of Everything is set in the same universe as Safe Haven, it’s a lot of fun writing about the apocalypse from a different perspective.

I love Wren and Robyn. They are just two ordinary girls who have been thrown into an extraordinary situation and the only thing that is keeping them from falling apart is their bond. In that respect their relationship is similar to Mike and Emma’s, but whereas Mike turns into a complete psychopath when somebody messes with his family, Wren falls back on her deep-rooted logic, focus and will to win.

When Wren first appeared in Safe Haven – Ice, there was just something about the feisty youngster that told me she had a story to tell. Turns out Wren and Robyn have lots of stories to tell and they’re meeting some interesting people along the way.

I really hope you enjoy Book 4. For those of you familiar with the Safe Haven books you’ll know a little bit of what’s around the corner. What can I tell you about the journey to come? Let’s just say it’s a bumpy ride.

So, without further ado, I give you The End of Everything: Book 4. I really hope you enjoy it.