27th April 2023

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I’m delighted to announce that The Burning Tree: Book 5 – Redemption is now available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and in Paperback.


The Salvation escapees have forged a shaky alliance, and it’s holding … for the moment.


Their new society is going from strength to strength. They’re building shelters, farming, foraging, and scavenging. Each day things get better, but winter edges closer.


They’re still not ready for the freezing months to come, and now their greatest ally is in danger.


To help them means risking everything.


To abandon them in their time of need jeopardises their own future.


The next seventy-two hours will push them to the brink.


A peaceful solution is off the table, but can they withstand all-out war?


Summer is nearly over. Will they survive until spring?


Or are their hopes of redemption lost forever?


Burning Tree Redemption 800