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  1. The Burning Tree: Book 1 - Salvation (Coming soon)
    The bunkers were built for the apocalypse. Just not the one they expected.
    Life was bad and getting worse in the depths of Salvation. It did not take the people of Level Three long to realise that the only reason they had been spared from the cataclysm was to become a slave class.
    Now, a single accident has changed everything. Fear is spreading like a virus. Rumours become facts the moment they’re spoken. Neighbour is turning against neighbour. And time is running out fast.
    For most, this signals the end. For Callie and her friends, there is just one hope, but to find it, they’re going to have to fight through the most terror-filled night of their lives.
    Can they escape the horror that awaits them? Or will these next few hours be their last?
  2. I am very excited to give you an exclusive first peek at my new post-apocalyptic/dystopian series - The Burning Tree.
    What’s it about? To get a true idea, you’ll need to listen to the song. But let's just say, if you like reading books concerning insidious governments, EMPs, nuclear conflict, global warming and asteroid strikes, hopefully, it’s going to be right up your alley.
    I’ll have more information regarding its release soon. Until then, I really hope you enjoy the song, which is performed by the incredible Kim Bretton and written by yours truly and the amazing talent that is Lee Horrocks.
    To listen to the song check it out on my YouTube channel