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  1. For those who are new to The End of Everything/Safe Haven universe or have read them on KU and would like to own them, then these offers are for you. For a very limited time, The End of Everything Books 1 and 2 are free to download on Kindle. In addition, Books 3 and 4 are just 99c/77p each.


    E of E free promo 1

  2. I’ve got a huge promo starting this week. Safe Haven – Rise of the RAMs and Safe Haven – Realm of the Raiders will be FREE to download on Kindle for the next five days. In addition, I’ve reduced Safe Haven – Reap of the Righteous and Safe Haven – Ice to just 99c/77p.


    So, if you’ve not started your Safe Haven journey, or if you’ve read them on KU and would like to own a copy, now is the perfect time.


    Screenshot (59)